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Schovanky english version

Schovanky” today are neither those sweet smiling girls from 1971 nor from 1982 with Vera Martinova. They all have musical education, play with huge effort, can sell their foreign experiences and their performance is always convenient shock for onlookers. In the band arose first original Czech songs, singers write their own lyrics and you can hear their vocals and instruments also on the records of other bands. Because of more diversity of their records, the bands occasionally invites to the studio some of their male colleagues but on the stage they always perform entirely as a women band. Everyone who ever heard the band’s live performance can confirm that it does not differ from the studio sound too much. But their music does not bound only to country music. You can also hear ”Oldies” and noels on their concerts and records. There are thousands of good male and mixed bands. But sincerely female band ”Schovanky” is due to its quality and professionality totally exceptional. As Eduard Hrubes (former member of a famous Czech country band) says ”They play like guys and still there is something to look at”.